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Welcome to Livevie!!

Your best hope for elegant, traditional and heart stopping home accessories.

Your one stop for bed and bath accessories, candle holders, Hammocks & accessories and swings and their stands.

We at Livevie challenge ourselves to provide the best of the best and take pride in our wide range of products and live up to that pride. Offering modern, contemporary and traditional home accessories that will liven up your living and light that spark, our products will simply elevate the look of your home.

Add some spice into your life by using our bed and bath accessories. Everyone loves spending time in bed. Make it more comfortable by choosing from our wide range of accessories and bring home that elegance which is beyond compare.

Candle holders although insignificant can add that special tinge of warmth in any space. Choose from our wide range and make your homes feel like homes.

Hammocks are a great accessory to any indoor or outdoor space. They liven up their surroundings are bring about a sense fun and relaxation just by its presence. We also have great hammock accessories each designed to blend with any sort of surrounding.

Swings are great fun for all ages. Every kid runs up to the swings. Your home becomes a playground all together. We offer a great range of swings both the traditional and the fun type each beautifully designed to complement your home. A wide range of stands are also available to bring about either the rustic look or that modern look.

Our products affect your everyday living and make you never want to leave your home. Shop at our website for these amazing and heartwarming home accessories!